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Volume 1 - THE ORE TRAIN

This video is a documentary of an ore train leaving the Pennsylvania yards at Northumberland and interchanging with the Lehigh Valley at Mt. Carmel. Traveling through the anthracite coal regions of Central Pennsylvania, the Ore Train climbs grades of nearly 2% on the Shamokin Branch of the Williamsport Division. The motive power on the 100-car train is four I-1 decapod 2-10-0 steam locomotives.

The original color film was taken in 1952-53, and is 40 minutes in length.

This videotape was reproduced from the original 16mm films photographed by Clarence Weaver.

Volume 2 - THE S & L STORY

Follow the trip on a daily run of a local freight train as it makes its way through the rich farm lands of Snyder County, Pennsylvania, over the Sunbury to Lewistown Branch of the old Pennsylvania Railroad. This documented story shows the train leaving the Pennsylvania Railroad yards at Northumberland, PA, and its workings along the branch line to McClure, PA, and return. The train is hauled by the famous Pennsylvania Railroad class H-9s and H-lOs steam locomotives.

The original l6mm color film was taken in 1954-55 by Clarence R. Weaver and much of his original film editing has been left, helping to create a delightful and exciting period of rail fanning in the steam era.


This video revisits an NRHS excursion special pulled by PRR class L-1's Engine No.559 in October 20, 1957 to Northumberland, Pennsylvania, home of the Pennsy RR historically preserved steam engine collection and equipment. That in later years went to the State RR Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. After that, we visit the Rockville Bridge and Horseshoe Curve and see the static display of PRR K-4's, No.1361 in 1957. Then we move up to August, 27, 1988, and see the restored PRR 1361 at York, Pennsylvania to help celebrate 150 years of railroading in the York area with some special excursions around the area.

The original color film was taken in 1957, 1988 and is 35 minutes in length.


Revisit the glory days of the PRR in the 1950s on the Middle Division. We will see a parade of runby scenes of steam T-ls, M-ls, L-ls, K-4s and J-1s plus early EMD, Alco, Fair-banks Morse, and Baldwin diesels, and the Aerotrain. Starting at Rockville, tour the Middle Division with run-bys at Thompson, Port Royal, Mifflin, Hawston track pans, Lewistown, Spruce Creek, East Altoona, and on to the famous Horseshoe Curve and the Gaiiitzin Tunnels all filmed by the late Clarence Weaver. The original 16MM film is 98% color, with authentic PRR steam and diesel sound track. Narration and music are added. Transferred to video to bring you 40 minutes of the best PRR action ever filmed.


Located in central Pennsylvania on the busy Harrisburg to Buffalo line of the PRR is the town of Sunbury, home of the late Clarence Weaver who filmed the glory days of PRR in the 1950s. See a parade of steam power; M-ls, L-ls, K-4s, I-is, G-5s, E-6s, B-6s and early diesel locomotives. We will visit the busy Northumberland roundhouse and numerous runby locations along the Susquehanna Division between Harrisburg and Williamsport. Plus see freight and passenger trains (including the Bellefonte mixed train) on the bucolic Bellefonte, Shamokin and Wilkes-Barre branches. See some of the best runby scenes ever taken of PRR freight and passenger trains. The original film is 16MM, all color, with authentic PRR steam and diesel sound track. Narration and music are added. Transferred to video to bring you 45 minutes of the best PRR action ever filmed.


This all-color action packed video will take you back in time to the PRR's electric operations in the early sixties through the Penn Central era and beginnings of Amtrak in the early seventies. You will visit Harrisburg, Enola, Middletown, Safe Harbor, Havre de Grace, and Perryville to see a parade of passenger and freight trains pulled by E3B, P5A, GG-1, and E-44 electrics, and some Passenger E-7 and E-8 deisels. You will see colorful mixture of equipment from other roads in the PRR and early Amtrak era. You will see Metroliners and Amtrak's SDP 40 F's at Harrisburg. Music, narration and authentic sounds are added to this excellent film footage to bring you 45 minutes of train watching pleasure.

Volume 7 - STEAM IN THE 30's & 40's

This vintage black and white video is created from 16 mm film shot in the 1930's and 40's by the late Clarence Weaver., with additional Pennsylvania Railroad archive film from Clarence's collection. The video opens with action on the Williamsport Division in the Sunbury area, including the Bellefonte Branch mixed train. We then move to the Wilkes-Barre Division to ride the last trip of the Anthracite Express from Nescopeck to Pottsville in 1940. Moving south we visit the Harrisburg engine terminal to see a parade of pre-war steam power. Moving west to the Fort Wayne Division we view PRR archive film of high speed smoke deflector tests of the K4's on the mainline, plus engine house scenes. Returning east to the Altoona Works we see more vintage PRR archive film showing the construction and testing of the T1's in the early 1940's. Music, narration and authentic sounds are added to this vintage film to bring you 43 minutes of viewing pleasure.

Volume 8 - THE TRANSITION YEARS IN THE 50's & 60's

This mostly color, mostly PRR, video is from film shot in north central and central Pennsylvania in the 1950's and 1960's. See steam's last stand on the PRR's Susquehanna Division at Sunbury, at the Northumberland enginehouse, and on the Mt. Carmel Branch. See passenger trains headed by steam and diesel on the Susquehanna Division including outstanding B&W film of a streamlined K4. Includes cab footage shot by a PRR engineer showing both steam and diesel trains. See film of the last PRR steam-powered excursions in 1957 to view the vintage equipment at Northumberland, and see the movement of the equipment to the State Railroad Museum in the 1970's. See steam and diesel action at Enola, Altoona and on the Horseshoe Curve. See diesel-powered excursions on both the Reading and PRR leaving from their Williamsport stations, and excursion through the coal regions on the LV and PRR to Sunbury, and an EL excursion on the Bloomsburg Branch. See early Lehigh Valley diesels on ore trains at Mt. Carmel, EL freight diesels at Northumberland, and rare footage of the steam-powered DL&W passenger train leaving Northumberland around 1950. See the last CNJ steam engine operating at the P&R Coal Co. breaker at Locust Summit. Music, narration and authentic sounds are added to this vintage film to bring you 44 minutes of viewing pleasure.

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